Academic Projects

The IMRC works with faculty to help set up web-based, student-centered collaborative learning projects online, using the web. By clicking on the "Tutorials" link at the left, you will find general tutorials one might use to support such efforts.

However, please note that assistance with classroom projects might be custom-designed, giving students the benefit of a learning curve which is more flat.  This equates to more time spent in researching, organizing and mounting content  -- and less time learning to use new software tools.

Each project is different with its own unique objectives and parameters -- which can be met by a number of approaches.  The IMRC helps faculty to review different available tools for a project -- to not only find the tool best suited  to a project -- but also to design a process which will streamline and facilitate the project's objectives in a timely and coherent fashion

Such a process might or might not include a custom made website, a blog, a wiki, or training in graphic authoring tools, such as the examples that follow...or other technology emerges all the time.

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